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Dawit Fasil is back on Ethiopian soil and working hard with Bereket and Ashenafi. Seen above, from the left: Bereket, Dawit, Ashenafi.

Our first goal is to obtain an office space. Finally, having the money needed in hand, Dawit is searching for an optimal office space. Having an office space is a requirement of the Ethiopian government. We’ll be able to use the space for the benefit of our children and their families daily.

As soon as we have an office space, we’ll be able to begin weekend Christian Bible Studies with the children and families, as well as leading prayer times with the children. In the coming weeks, Dawit will work toward hiring a Christian Ethiopian woman to lead these studies.

The sub-city authorities in Ethiopia are already working toward recruiting new students that meet our criteria of being the children in the most need. Those who would otherwise have no opportunity to attend school. As we are given more students, we will match them to our waiting sponsors.

If you would like to sponsor one of our new students or make a general donation, please contact us at

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