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The People of Life Thru EDU

Bereket, Dawit, and students

We want to introduce you to the people behind Life Thru EDU!

Dawit Fasil is the foundation of Life Thru EDU. He is the big idea guy. The dreamer. The face the children know and love. He has spent years driving adoptive families around Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, and after spending so many years in and around the orphanages of Addis, his heart is broken for the homeless children of the city. His initial connection to a group of teens living on the street near the stadium sparked the entire idea of Life Thru EDU. He is currently spending a few months in the United States with his family.

Ashenafi Gidey serves alongside Dawit as an administrator at Life Thru EDU in Addis. As an electrical engineer, he is well respected in the area, and he brings a valuable skill set to Life Thru EDU. While Dawit is out of the country, Ashenafi is handling the operation of Life Thru EDU, and he is eager to see us succeed and grow during his leadership of the program.

Bereket Mekonnen is Life Thru EDU’s accountant in Addis Ababa. With degrees in accounting and management, his resume is extensive, and he has valuable experience with USAID policies and

procedures, as well as program budget planning.

Ashenafi, Brandy, Logan, and Dawit

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