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Life Thru EDU works in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia to keep the most vulnerable children in school and off of the street. Close to 100,000 children currently live on the streets in the city. Unprotected, these children are vulnerable to mental trauma, addictions, sexual assault and disease. They will receive no education and will have little chance to ever live a better life. Most will turn to begging, stealing, or domestic servitude.


Life Thru EDU matches sponsors abroad with the most vulnerable children ages 4 to 13 to provide a new life through education. We provide all of the resources that the children need to stay in school and succeed. Their tuition, school uniforms, and meals are all provided for. The burden is relieved from their families and our supportive staff provides everything the children need to rise above their circumstances and succeed.


We are working to keep these most vulnerable children in school and thriving in a way that will keep them off the street and will allow them to flourish into the adults we know that they can be! It is our goal to break the cycle of poverty and create a new generation of hope and success for these families.


We have children in need of sponsors, read their stories here.  


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